Game Development (2002–2005)

Year 3 (2004–2005)

The fifth semester consisted of a free choice of courses. I decided to take another math course, a more advanced AI course and a physics course focused on game physics. There was also room for some project management and rhetoric.

My final year project (thesis) investigated how to increase interactivity and usability in the contact management feature of web based discussion boards. This involved developing a prototype of an Ajax featured web forum with interactive features such as drag-n-drop and automatic text completion.

2005 (spring)

  • Final Year Project (20p)

2004 (fall)

  • Project Management with Focus on Planning (5p)
  • Discrete Mathematics (5p)
  • Rhetoric (10p)
  • Game Physics (5p)
  • AI - Neural Networks (5p)

Total credits: 50p (75.0 ECTS)