Game Development (2002–2005)

Year 1 (2002–2003)

The first year at Skövde University contained a mix of computer science and design courses. I was introduced to C++ and created a Breakout clone as part of the Programming Methodology course.

The highlight of the entire first year was the five week game development project. Being one of two programmers in a four person team, I co-developed the isometric mech shooter demo Kali, running on the OpenGL based SAME engine, specifically crafted by our teachers for use in this course.

2003 (spring)

  • Construction of Models in Interactable Media/Games (5p)
  • Declarative Programming (5p)
  • Introduction to 3D Animation (2p)
  • Animation Techniques I (10p)

2002 (fall)

  • Game Analysis I (5p)
  • Programming Methodology (5p)
  • Software Engineering (5p)
  • Game Development Project (5p)

Total credits: 42p (63.0 ECTS)