Internet Technology (2001–2002)

Jönköping University (

School of Engineering

My first steps into the academic life began at Jönköping University in the spring of 2001. I had been interested in web design and programming during most of high school and decided to extend my knowledge and gain my first academic experience by taking some university courses.

I took two course packages, each consisting of 20 credits, called Internet Technology: Building Interactive Multimedia Applications for the Web. The courses included are listed in the column to the right.

Internet Technology

2002 (spring)

  • Computer-aided visualization (3p)
  • Web programming (8p)
  • Network tech. & IT security (4p)
  • Project management (5p)

2001 (spring)

  • Database design/SQL (5p)
  • Web based multimedia (5p)
  • Digital photo editing (2p)
  • Project management (3p)
  • Web programming (5p)

Total credits: 40p (60.0 ECTS)